Junior's Journal: On Manhood, Ministry, And More

Junior's Journal: On Manhood, Ministry, And More

New things need introductions, right? New businesses use advertisement. New relationships use Q&A sessions. New students go to Orientation. Well, I’d like to introduce this blog by introducing myself and what you can expect from “Junior’s Journal”.

My name is Rickey Harvey, Jr. (affectionately known as Junior), and as a young man in ministry, I often consider and reflect on the lessons that I'm learning regarding manhood and ministry, among other things, and I think many of these lessons are worth sharing. The subsequent journal postings are my efforts to give as I gain. One similarity I find in both manhood and ministry is that the mark of success is not in what one is given, but it is in what one gives. Sharing this journal is one way that I hope to give for the betterment of others.

In no way am I assuming a position as authority or know-it-all, but I realize that my experiences and perspectives may be enlightening or encouraging to others on the same or similar journeys. In the words of Mahalia Jackson, "If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain".

Please know that as my journey is in process, this journal is a reflection of where I am on my personal path. I'm well aware of those who have gone before me who have far exceeded the subject matter that will be discussed, and while the aforementioned may find this journal helpful, it is especially intended to impact those who are along-side and behind me in manhood (my brothers) and ministry (my sisters and brothers).

The various posts to this journal will reflect the various sides of who I am. This is important because vantage point can be everything! For example, multiple people may be viewing the same object from different vantage points and see contrasting features of the same object. So it is with life. Each of our experiences give us a frame of reference that is ours alone, and sharing them with one another can help to give a more comprehensive view of life. Hopefully, this journal will be a place where my vantage point is an additive to yours, and vice versa.

You'll be invited to comment on the upcoming posts and have conversation revolving around the subject matter. I look forward to what will become of "Junior's Journal"!